A flexible body is a flexible mind

and a flexible mind is a flexible body.  

Movement re-education and therapy offers a unique opportunity to explore, re-pattern, and become empowered within your body through movement and gentle hands-on re-patterning. The liberation of our body from unnecessary stressors and pain due to ineffective movement patterns, alignment, and injuries can have a significant impact on the rest of our life.

Physical manifestation of stress and pain is a signal that something in your body needs support and a more efficient way of moving needs to be learned.   

Areas where we feel pain and stress are not necessarily the root cause of the discomfort.  Our work together in these sessions will be to identify the root causes. For example, a client may come in with lower back pain. During a session we may discover that the root of their pain is from an inefficient movement pattern originating in the feet. The lack of articulation in the feet creates a lack of mobility through the rest of the leg, and the lower back responds with pain. Once the inefficient movement pattern is identified it can be adjusted to help alleviate the pain.  Another example might be a client who has headaches and social anxiety. By freeing movement in their upper neck and pelvis with gentle exercises the compression on their nerves releases and they experience more strength and self confidence, mitigating the social anxiety.  

The good news is that the pathways in our neuro-muscular system are highly plastic; a combination of movement re-education that addresses injuries and inefficient habituated movement patterns, coordination activities, and bodywork can be extremely powerful in offering long-term solutions to experience more ease in your body.  Additionally, movement therapy and postural alignment can be used to enhance athletic and physical practices.  

Scott is an amazing presence for all who come into contact with him. His generosity of heart, mind and spirit are a gift that he can’t help but give. That is what I have loved in working with him and what is an absolute blessing in being his friend. His multidimensional approach to treatment of the body, mind and spirit has been exacted through study and a tireless passion for understanding current academic approaches to working with the “whole” person. I’ve witnessed how he supports his clients and students to achieve the most full and authentic expression of themselves on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. I’ve watched him over the years take that study into hands-on practice through his Embodied Flow™ Yoga Certification and with his private therapy practice in NYC. He is truly a visionary in our field.
— Kelly Kane, Creator of the Kane School for Pilates, NYC

Dr. Lyons is available for private sessions in his Manhattan office and for teletherapy anywhere in the world via Skype. He also makes home and corporate office visits throughout NYC. Use the button below to schedule an appointment.