Being aware of oneself and reflecting upon oneself is the foundation for well-being.
— Dr. Scott Lyons


Humanistic Therapy and Coaching is a nonjudgemental and supportive approach that helps clients access and understand their feelings, accomplish their goals, develop a stronger sense of self, gain a deeper sense of meaning in life, and reach their full potential by addressing obstructions that are getting in their way of living their life in flow.  Integrating mindfulness into therapy and coaching allows an individual to become more present in the “here and now,” ultimately giving them more agency to not be weighed down by the past or anxious of future, and instead feel their power of choice in their present life.  

This approach focuses on each person’s individual nature as opposed to grouping individuals into categories of people with similar challenges. Sessions integrate both talking and mindfulness based experiential work which results in a more embodied approach to well-being.

In my first session with Scott Lyons he observed me, put his hand on my head for about 5 seconds, then pronounced that a bone in my ankle was totally jammed, and that I had connective tissue (fascial) adhesions in my liver. Less than an hour later, my ankle was moving freely and my liver felt like someone had unzipped it from the inside. Thus began the amazing 3 year process that has completely transformed my mind and body. The tightness in my liver was actually a whole lot of pent up anger. I had spent years in talk therapy trying to deal with this anger, but it did not help me with the anger I was holding in my body. Because Scott has such an enormous panoply of skill sets, experience, and expertise in psychology, somatic psychology, body work, body movement and more (see his long list of certifications and degrees), he was uniquely able to facilitate me through the process of unlocking all the mental and physical blocks that prevented me from being my happiest, most fulfilled and most loving self.

As a pilates and yoga instructor, I have referred my clients to Scott. Many times clients have reported that they accomplished more in a few sessions with Scott than in many years of talk therapy. When clients ask me what Scott can do for them, I always answer that Scott can do whatever they need. Scott will use all of his capacities to create a treatment approach that is unique to that person. His intuition and ability to “read” the body/mind are incredible. Scott is also gentle, kind, and understanding – as I tell my clients, he is brilliant, but not scary at all! I will be forever grateful for all that Scott has done for me and my family, friends and clients.
— Carol, NYC

Dr. Lyons is available for private sessions in his Manhattan office and for teletherapy anywhere in the world via Skype. He also makes home and corporate office visits throughout NYC. Use the button below to schedule an appointment.