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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.


Guided Imagery, Focusing and Hypnotherapy can help accesses your inner strengths, increase insight, stimulate change, and support your own natural healing while gaining a broader perspective of past and current circumstances, ultimately paving the way for a more empowered future. Through nonjudgemental attention to inner sensations, thoughts, feelings, and imagery (symbols and metaphors), an understanding of experiences that have not been consciously thought or verbalized will be accessed.  This approach will invite a deep sense of knowledge and creativity to emerge and integrate into your your daily life.  Research demonstrates that these powerful techniques can increase academic and performance skills, support decision-making and emotional regulation, increase relaxation and immunes system function, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, fatigue, and adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Scott Lyons is, in my experience, a uniquely gifted, dedicated and masterful facilitator of awakening to one’s own potential. I always feel safe, supported and deeply held by his presence, energetically heightened by his transmission and humbled by his humility. My ego is quieted, my curiosity peaked, and my heart opened. I feel blessed to be guided by Scott in both a classroom and in a 1-1 environment, where I have felt comfortable to work through and move unhelpful emotional/physical/mental energy patterns into a renewed sense of freedom. Having journeyed the world over, I have yet to find a more skilled, sensitive and awakened healer of body-mind.
— Janine, Australia

Dr. Lyons is available for private sessions in his Manhattan office and for teletherapy anywhere in the world via Skype. He also makes home and corporate office visits throughout NYC. Use the button below to schedule an appointment.