Somatic Stress Release

Stress & Trauma Therapy

By compassionately addressing patterns of stress and trauma stored within the body you can profoundly regain a sense of energy, vitality and well-being, expand your resilience, and learn negotiation skills for future stressors.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

Craniosacral Therapy appreciates our unique body-mind connection, and is a powerful preventive health measure that bolsters resistance to disease, pain and dysfunction. CST facilitates physical, mental and emotional healing.

Humanistic Therapy & Coaching

Nonjudgemental and supportive humanistic therapy helps clients access and understand their feelings, develop a stronger sense of self, reach their full potential, and address obstructions keeping you from living life in flow. 


The liberation of our body from unnecessary stressors and pain due to ineffective movement patterns, alignment, and injuries can have a significant impact on the rest of our life. Movement re-education and therapy offers a unique opportunity to explore, re-pattern, and become empowered within your body.



Embodied Flow™ is a system of transformational yoga that invites you into the deepest sense of self.  Through an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology it elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.



  • After my first session with Scott I cried because I had finally found the support I had been seeking for so long. His integrative approach of linking the mind and body has helped me heal deep wounds and chronic back pain. As someone who has done body work for years as well as talk therapy, I am amazed at how deep I’ve been able to go with Scott in such a short period of time. We began most sessions with a mindfulness practice and then we go where we need to. That can include body work, yoga, physical therapy type exercises, talking, hypnosis, guided meditation, or creative movements. He allows each session to shape up as needed, but they each build on previous sessions. Scott has been a support to me even when we are not able to meet in person. Our sessions over Skype integrate techniques we’ve worked on in previous sessions. The last few months of teletherapy over Skype have helped me uncover new levels of physical and psychological healing. I have learned skills that I can take out into the world with me and apply on a daily basis. Working with Scott has helped me grow into a more self-actualized, confident and healthier person. I cannot recommend Scott highly enough.
    — E.S., New York City
  • Dr. Scott Lyons is one of the most caring and gentle therapists we’ve had the pleasure of working with. His keen insight as to the causes of discomforts were always accurate. His gentle but effective treatments and recommendations always helped my son on his journey to recovery. Scott’s work with my son was beneficial to us both. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in body work, cranial sacral, and movement therapies.
    — Carmen, New Jersey
  • Scott is an amazing presence for all who come into contact with him. His multidimensional approach to treatment of the body, mind and spirit has been exacted through study and a tireless passion for understanding current academic approaches to working with the “whole” person. I’ve witnessed how he supports his clients and students to achieve the most full and authentic expression of themselves on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. I’ve watched him over the years take that study into hands-on practice through his Embodied Flow™ Yoga Certification and with his private therapy practice in NYC. He is truly a visionary in our field.
    — Kelly Kane, Creator of the Kane School for Pilates, NYC
  • My sessions with Scott were transformative. He encourages a fluid, unselfconscious healing process that is marked by intelligence, acceptance and unbelievable intuition. His subsequent work with my baby was also remarkable. He engenders an instant trust, and has the rare ability to follow and lead at the same time. He is an attentive, supportive and playful baby listener and a great source of relief and wisdom for parents.
    — Alexandra, NYC
  • Scott Lyons is a uniquely gifted, dedicated and masterful facilitator of awakening to one’s own potential. I always feel safe, supported and deeply held by his presence, energetically heightened by his transmission and humbled by his humility. I feel blessed to be guided by Scott in both a classroom and in a 1-1 environment, where I have felt comfortable to work through and move unhelpful emotional/physical/mental energy patterns into a renewed sense of freedom. Having journeyed the world over, I have yet to find a more skilled, sensitive and awakened healer of body-mind.
    — Janine, Australia
  • Scott Lyons has been attending to our family of five for many years now. He makes amazing progress with us for a wide variety of issues. Got a concussion? Go to Scott. Bad back? Go to Scott. Depressed, low energy? Go to Scott. Anxiety, stomach issues, muscle problems, learning issues, want to run faster- whatever it is, we find relief and improvement in Scott’s office. The mind body connection cannot be underestimated and Scott is incredibly intuitive, well trained and educated, and empathic. I recommend him highly and often.
    — Maria, Connecticut