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Introduction To Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapy | GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN

  • GOTHENBURG Sweden (map)

Introduction To Embodied Flow™ Somatic Movement Therapy (4 Day Immersion)

An Introduction to Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy (EFSMT) offers healing arts practitioners and individuals interested in integrative mind-body medicine tools to enhance mental, emotional, physical, and biological functions to bring optimal well-being and healing. For this approach, healing is the processes of returning to the felt sense of  wholeness through the integration of support, expression, and movement.

This workshop will be an introduction to this experiential model for psychophysical healing and self discovery. This approach utilizes evidence-based practices and research in the field of somatics, biology, dance therapy, sociology, psychology, manual therapy, and spirituality to :

  • Increase awareness and attention to inner sensations and subtleties of one sense of self

  • Establish clarity and efficiency of functional movement patterns

  • Unpack and processes emotions in a way that promotes resiliency  

  • Cultivates a deeper connection to the natural world

  • Discern between senses and perception in order to remove stories that are blocking unprocessed psychological experiences

  • Explore the psychophysical connections between developmental movement and relational patterns

  • Integrate principles of Non Dual Tantric Philosophy and Buddhist Psychology into practice.

In this workshop you will learn foundational Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy skills/ protocols and gain new insight for how you can integrate EFSMT into your professional and personal life.



-Alan Watts