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The Art of Resilience | WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND

  • Urban Yoga 160 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand (map)

Resiliency is often defined as the ability to rebound or bounce back after adversity. From an Embodied Flow™ perspective, resilience is a state of responsiveness and equanimity that allows for flexibility to change with situational demands without losing oneself. It is a skill set that can be acquired and utilized in every aspect of life. Resilience enables an individual to anchor in themselves to arrive more fully into the present moment with the ability to glean its meaning and purpose.  

Through movement, meditation, exploration, and lectures we will explore over 20 elements derived from various holistic modalities that develop resilience. These techniques and strategies can allow you to more effectively navigate and grow from stressors, challenges, and even pleasures. In cultivating resilience, you can learn to take risks more comfortably, bounce back from hardship, navigate differences, balance more things simultaneously, and expand your capacity to respond to circumstances with increasing skill and ease.

"Urban Yoga is thrilled to host internationally sought after facilitator Dr. Lyons and his offering ‘The Art of Resilience’ here in Wellington for the first time. From our own experience, this is guaranteed to be an experience like no other that will deliver many timely and inspiring messages, as well as providing an invitation to redefine the personal and professional experience." - Urban Yoga (NZ)