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Advanced 300 Hour Embodied Flow™ Yoga Teacher Training: Part 1: Body | PAROS, GREECE

This 300 hour advanced program has been designed to guide students through a deep and expansive journey of the Body-Mind as a means to experience the path of yoga.  The Embodied Flow™ advanced level yoga training offers a laboratory of asana, psychology, science, research, experiential anatomy, self-contemplation, advanced teaching skills, embodied movement practices, philosophy, and voice work.

This training recognizes your strengths and at the same time invites you to foster and integrate new skills that give you the technology to create and facilitate embodied journeys of flow.  This holistic approach enables you to attend to the complexities of your student’s processes and recognize the many pathways into supporting each individual student's unique needs.  To facilitate embodied journeys of flow is to bestow your students with the felt experience of empowerment, so that they can utilize the tools you've offered to live the manifestation of their truest self.

As a practitioner of this system you must first and foremost be willing to look and shed light on every part of yourself, to examine old constructs and be ready to release false truths that no longer serve you or the whole.  To practice Embodied Flow™ is to discover and become who you really are. The advanced modules are an opportunity to explore this path in immersive experience with the support and joy of community.

With 200 additional advanced training hours with Embodied Flow™, students will become eligible to become Somatic Movement Therapists.

Module #1: Body (Embodiment)

Sensing & Being from an Embodied Perspective

“There are many ways to explore the human body, each in their own right inexhaustible. The body may displace a finite volume, yet it defines an infinite potential. Structure, function, sensation and movement each represent unending pathways into embodied human experience. Ultimately, the study of the human body is a study of consciousness itself.”

— Gil Hedley, anatomist

This 100-hour “Body” Module focuses on discovering the total sense of embodiment from the Embodied Flow™ perspective into the living art of yoga. Using the lens of asana and movement meditation, the “Body” module will concentrate on foundational material for integrated movement. This immersion utilizes experiential anatomy, kinesiology and physiology as a platform for effortless and empowered asana.

Human beings can be defined as clusters of consciousness, organized into various densities, frequencies, functions and sensations. Anatomist Gill Hedley coined the term somanaut to describe those who explore the interior framework of their being. As you experience this module of the Embodied Flow™ advanced level yoga training, the following subjects taught provide a framework that will allow you to dive ever deeper into the exploration of Self:

  • Explore the five foundational Principles of Embodied Flow™

  • Introduction of experiential philosophy (the practice of weaving philosophy into an embodied journey)  

  • Discover various systems of the body from a Body Mind Centering™ perspective

  • Learn functional biomechanics that allow your students to align from the inside out and the outside in

  • Explore moving from different points of initiation that allow a greater ease and effortlessness in asana and movement

  • Examine ways of working with students in their wholeness so as to support their process in an inclusive and empowered way

  • Introduction into the Embodied Flow™ method of sequencing classes

  • Pranayama and meditation practices

  • Expressing unconscious and conscious aspects of self through movement meditations

  • Foundational components of manual therapy and bodywork

  • Tantric philosophy and its relationship to Embodied Flow™