Thinking in the usual way, alone, can be objectively true and powerful. But, when put in touch with what the body already knows and lives, it becomes vastly more powerful.



Stress is something we each experience and cope with in our own unique way based on prior experience and what has been molded for us.  A stress response, which can be experienced in our body, thoughts, or feelings, is a sign that there is something happening in our life that needs recognition and support.  Even if the stressors are no longer present in our body, the mind can hold on to the stress response that goes wherever we go, creating a layer on top of the life we’re living.  In response to stress, patterns of tightness, restriction, negative beliefs, self talk, discomfort and dis-ease can emerge and become automatic ways of thinking, behaving and being in the world.  

Similarly, trauma, which can come from a perceived life threat or an overwhelming amount of stress, can restrict clear thinking and attention, emotions, and psychological vitality.  

By compassionately addressing patterns of stress and trauma stored within the body, you can regain a sense of energy and well-being, expand your resilience, and learn negotiation skills for future stressors.  

In our sessions together we will utilize various techniques including Somatic Experiencing, EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, among other scientifically and spiritually informed practices. In this way, we will work towards healing physical and emotional pain, stress, and trauma.     

Scott brings to the table, literally, his expertise in several modalities, plus an intuitive sense that is truly rare. Personally, I found that I was most responsive to the mind-body work and cranial-sacral treatments. Through Scott’s guidance, I learned that my emotional patterns and childhood traumas were actually causing serious physical health issues. Scott, with the utmost sensitivity, helped me to look at the memories and release the associated emotions; and over a period of several months, my mind/body was able to return to its natural state of good health. I continue to see Scott for “tune-ups” – and am really looking for any excuse to spend time with him!

Additionally, my whole family, including a newborn grand-niece, has worked with Scott – all in different capacities. He is beloved by them all, not just for his skill, but also for his reassuring words and core belief that we are ALL already perfect, just as we are.
— Sally, Greater New York

Dr. Lyons is available for private sessions in his Manhattan office and for teletherapy anywhere in the world via Skype. He also makes home and corporate office visits throughout NYC. Use the button below to schedule an appointment.